Anna Codrea-Rado

Anna Codrea-Rado

Music and youth culture writer

Bylines in the Guardian, VICE, The Atlantic, The Debrief and others on youth culture, mental health, social justice, drugs, and tech.

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Daysythermomeetr contraceptionmethod 620x349 article

Could This Thermometer Overtake The Pill As Our Go-To Method Of ...

I spoke to women who gave up hormonal birth control in pursuit of a natural alternative for The Debrief.

3000 article
The Guardian

'I'm a rabbit girl': the woman accused of hoarding bunnies in Brooklyn

I wrote about a woman convicted of animal cruelty for keeping rabbits in an abandoned lot in New York.

Mirage 23 article

The Story of NYC's Biggest Music Venue That Almost Never Happened

My longread for VICE on what it took to open the largest music venue in New York.

Dolly3 article
The Awl

Why You Should Adopt A Senior Dog This November

I wrote a personal essay about my dog Dolly and why adopting older dogs is so important.

Dog article
The Guardian

Science confirms: dogs understand us. But do we get them too?

Op-ed I wrote for the Guardian about a study that found dogs can understand what human are saying.

5161814652 b3437a085d o article

Stop Calling Ecstasy-Related Deaths Overdoses

I wrote about the problem with inaccurate terminology and irresponsible reporting in relation to drug deaths for VICE.

Dancing article

All the Times in American History That Authorities Tried to Stop People From Dancing

I wrote a timeline of the laws that have policed American nightlife, from the Puritans to the present day.

Open uri20170726 3706 9e3rxl article

Is MDMA Addictive? Exactly How Addictive Are Party Drugs? | Real ...

I wrote about addiction to party drugs for the Debrief.

2   bonobo   si   neil krug   hi res article

Bonobo’s New Album ‘Migration’ Is About How Bittersweet it is to Live Abroad

I interviewed the electronic musician Simon Green about his latest album for VICE.

Us elec gender hero 620x349 article

How Gender Became The Defining Issue Of The US Election

I interviewed young female voters for The Debrief to find out how women feel the US election has changed the national conversation about gender.

 mg 6776 article

Boiler Room Weekender Attendees and Performers Accuse Police and Security of Racially Targeted, Heavy-Handed Tactics

After a festival in Pennsylvania was shut down, I interviewed attendees and performers to find out what really happened.

Fabric drugs rules harm reduction interview body image 1484326248 article

A Harm Reduction Expert Explains What Fabric's New Drug Policies

I interviewed the executive director of a leading UK drug charities about the impact of Fabric's new drug policies.

Zoella article
The Guardian

Can you treat anxiety with YouTube videos?

With access to mental health treatment under increasing strain, I asked experts to weigh up the benefits of using the video platform to find relief from anxiety disorders.

Lead max cooper17496 2 digital article

The Cute Robot in Max Cooper's New Music Video Might Just Save the World

My interview with the electronic music producer, Max Cooper, about his latest album.

Image7 article

My Brother Died of An Ecstasy Overdose But I’m Still Campaigning to Reopen Fabric

Nathalie Wainwright's brother died after taking pills at a rave in Skegness. She shared her deeply moving story with me for VICE.