Anna Codrea-Rado

Anna Codrea-Rado

Music and youth culture writer

Bylines in the Guardian, VICE, The Atlantic, The Debrief and others on youth culture, mental health, social justice, drugs, and tech.

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The Atlantic

Using Social Media to Prevent Suicide

Suicide prevention often relies on the power of human connection. Now, that connection is moving online.

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The Atlantic

How to Become a Masterful Note-Taker: 8 Lessons From Research

Use a computer. Underline. Take a break. Read them later....

The Atlantic

How to Be Better at Email: A Comprehensive Scientific Guide

Check every 45 minutes (not every five). Ask simple questions. Don't pollute group-emails with one-word reply-alls.

The Atlantic

The Complete Guide to Surviving Long-Haul Flights

How to stay sane during a 13-hour flight.